The Greenery | Bulacan, PH

Here is a quick DIY day tour guide to The Greenery located at #80 Rio Vista Subdivision, Sabang, Baliuag, Bulacan

It was Wednesday when me and my friends decided to relax and enjoy; travelling in the middle of the week makes the place ours as we are the only guest that time.

Photo 15-03-2017, 6 01 10 PM

The Greenery is an American Style Resort and Hotel perfect for any events and photo shoots. The place is huge and open so expect to walk and swim under the sun. 😊

From Cubao, we reached the place at around 11:30AM (2-3 hours travel time). No vehicles are allowed to go in or park near the pool area. From the reception, you need to walk going to the Villa, Pavilion or Cottage. 

There is a Tandem Bike available for rent which costs P500 per hour.

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 47 22 PMTandem Bike

Before reaching the swimming area, you will pass by a classic American-style house and Country Barn.

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 45 20 PM

Photo 15-03-2017, 6 05 00 PM

I do not have any idea if you are allowed to view and go inside these structures but I must say it’s already perfect to take pictures outside.

There are (2) two 5ft infinity pools; the first one is larger and has a shore-like design which makes it safe for the children to play and swim. 

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 46 31 PMFront View (from the Pavilion)

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 41 46 PMCabana (Beside Pool 1)

Going to the end of the cottages, there is an entrance at the right side leading to the second infinity pool; it has Jacuzzi where you can chill and unwind.

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 33 25 PMSide View (from the Entrance)

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 30 12 PMCabana (Beside Pool 2)

Free lunch and snack: After paying the entrance fee, you will be asked to choose from their ‘Menu of the Day’ for your desired meal and they will deliver it direct to your cottage on your preferred time.

Photo 16-03-2017, 9 43 28 PMSalmon Steak and Lemon Juice (Lunch)

Photo 16-03-2017, 12 56 04 PMCarbonara and Lychee Juice (Snack)

The food tastes good and with generous serving; flavored-juice was not selected by us but you can also ask for service water if you want. 

On the left side of the first pool, you will see an open field with lighthouse and watchtower. We were able to climb at the watchtower (right-side) and witness the top view of the area.

Photo 15-03-2017, 6 04 54 PM

Photo 16-03-2017, 4 14 48 PMWatchtower

At the back of this field is another pavilion and the river-side of the place. Water activities are being held in this area; Jetski and Kayak. 

Photo 16-03-2017, 11 43 01 AM

Photo 15-03-2017, 11 08 37 PM

We didn’t explore the whole place as the sun is too hot but I believe there are more sceneries to see here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See more photos in my facebook account. 😊

How to get there?

1. Ride a bus from Cubao – Baliwag Transit going to Baliuag, Bulacan. (P75 per pax)

2. Ride a jeepney from Baliuag going to Mt. Carmel, Sabang. (P10 per pax)

3. Ride a tricycle from Mt. Carmel going to Rio Vista Subdivision or simply tell the driver that you will go to The Greenery. (P10 per pax)


• Entrance fee is P1,200 per person (meals included)

• Cottage is P1,575

• Single Villa is P4,400 for 2pax and P6,080 for 4pax / P1,000 for extra bed

• Grand Villa is P23,000 for 10pax / P1,000 for extra bed


We were just walk-in guests that time since it is not really our plan to go there. But I think it is better to reserve your slots especially during weekends.

Contact details:

     • Mobile: +63 922 827 5122

     • Email:

     • Website:


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